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What Is A Deep Dental Cleaning?

Regular dental cleanings are a great way to maintain your oral health and protect your smile. Sometimes, though, a more in-depth approach is needed. Deep dental cleanings at Fresh Dentistry target built-up tartar and plaque trapped in the gums to eliminate periodontal (gum) disease. Also referred to as scaling and root planing (SRP), deep dental cleanings are typically recommended for patients who are showing signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. If your gums are swollen, red, or tend to bleed, we urge you to schedule a deep dental cleaning with Dr. Candace Brown at our Cedar Hill, TX office as soon as you can.

What Can I Expect During A Deep Cleaning?

SRP treatments can be done in the convenience of our dental office in Cedar Hill, TX. Your hygienist may administer anesthesia before your deep cleaning to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Deep cleanings at Fresh Dentistry are performed with a special ultrasonic scaling tool that is effective at cleaning out tartar and plaque beneath the gumline. After your deep cleaning, Dr. Brown will discuss techniques you can use at home to prevent gum disease and how often you should return for follow-up care. Patients with periodontal issues are generally advised to schedule more frequent cleanings to prevent further buildup of plaque and tartar.

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Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Gum disease can become serious if left untreated, but when it's addressed in the early stages (gingivitis), it can often be reversed. If you've experienced bleeding gums or other signs of periodontal disease, we urge you to reach out to Fresh Dentistry as soon as possible so our Cedar Hill, TX dentists can perform a deep cleaning to address the issue and restore you to good oral health. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brown.

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Will a deep dental cleaning hurt?

A deep dental cleaning may cause mild discomfort or sensitivity, but local anesthesia is often used to minimize any pain during the procedure, and our team can discuss sedation options if desired to ensure you remain as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

When can I eat and drink again after a deep dental cleaning?

Following your SRP treatment, our team will discuss approrpiate aftercare instructions with you, including when it may be appropriate to resume your normal diet. In most cases, patients prefer to wait until the numbness from anesthesia has worn off after SRP treatment to eat and drink, which can take a few hours.

How often will I need scaling and root planing?

The frequency of scaling and root planing will depend on individual oral health needs, adherence to aftercare instructions, and other factors, but it's often recommended every 6-12 months for patients with gum disease.

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