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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a type of restoration used to replace missing or severely compromised teeth. While gaps left by missing teeth are often thought of as a cosmetic concern, they can actually affect the overall health and structure of the jaw by creating space for the remaining teeth to shift out of their proper alignment. To help our patients in Cedar Hill, TX move past lost teeth, Fresh Dentistry is pleased to offer high-quality dental implant restorations. Fixed dental implant treatments involve surgically installing a post in the jaw where the missing tooth was located. Once the post has fused with the jawbone, a custom crown, bridge, or denture is installed to replace the lost tooth. If you are suffering from tooth loss or require a tooth extraction, schedule a visit with Dr. Candace Brown at Fresh Dentistry and find out about your oral implant options.

What Can I Expect During My Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implants are placed in two steps. In the first step, you will undergo dental surgery to have the titanium post installed in your jaw. It will take some time (usually at least six months) for the surgery site to heal and the implant to integrate with the jawbone. Once your jaw is ready, you will return to Fresh Dentistry for the second step of your treatment. During this visit, Dr. Brown will install your custom-made crown, denture, or bridge into the post. She will then check the fit and alignment to ensure full function and comfort.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Implant-supported restorations are commonly favored due to the substantial range of benefits they supply. As efficient substitutes, dental implants offer advantages such as:

  • Can enhance your confidence while talking and when your teeth show
  • Act as a long-term solution
  • Merge with the bone tissues to help retain jawbone health and structure
  • Replicate normal teeth in ability and visual appeal
  • Offer better biting force and stability of replacement teeth
  • Doesn't rely on adjacent teeth to stay in position
  • Encourage the intake of a varied diet

Are You a Candidate For Dental Implants?

Implant-supported restorations are utilized to replace deteriorated teeth, ranging from one tooth to multiple teeth. You might be considered an ideal candidate for oral implants if you have endured missing teeth, require removals, or are having issues with your present replacement. To serve their purpose, dental implants need proper bone mass, healthy gums, and a stable oral environment. Some individuals might require prior treatments before they are considered to be good candidates for dental implants. Implant-supported restorations might not be an option when you are pregnant, use tobacco products, or have specific health conditions. During your consultation, Dr. Brown will help you learn if dental implants are good for you and your goals.

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Men and women receiving dental implants may notice swelling, discoloration, and pain close to the treated area. Prescription or over-the-counter pain medications and cool compresses can help reduce some post-op aches or pains. As soon as the metal post has fused with the jawbone and the custom restoration is attached, it's crucial to maintain an optimal oral hygiene regimen with proper tooth brushing and flossing practices. When you undergo biannual dental cleanings, Dr. Brown will employ fine dental tools to polish your implants and check on the condition of the restoration.

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Thanks to advances in dental technology, we now have more options than ever to replace missing teeth with natural-looking, sturdy restorations, like dental implants. Dr. Brown is proud to offer implant restorative solutions as long-term tooth replacements to Cedar Hill, TX individuals. To find out more about treatments for replacing severely compromised or missing teeth, arrange your consultation at Fresh Dentistry.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

The cost of dental implant placement in Cedar Hill, TX can vary based on the type of dental insurance plan. However, reaching out to your insurance provider before your treatment for specific coverage details is essential. If any out-of-pocket costs are required, a Fresh Dentistry team member will be happy to discuss this once your treatment plan is created.

How long does a dental implant last?

The lifespan of a dental implant is dependent on proper care. Dr. Brown recommends regular visits to Fresh Dentistry after treatment to help ensure your implants are being properly cared for. Dr. Brown can also determine whether maintenance or repair is needed during these visits.

Does dental implant placement hurt?

Dr. Brown will do her best to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your procedure. However, you should not feel much during your implant placement if an anesthetic is injected into your gums before the procedure.

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